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South Lake Tahoe Towing

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Large Cab & 22 Foot Bed

Large Cab for multiple people

Large bed for large trucks.

Rely on us!

Rain, Snow, Sun you can count on us to be there 24 hours 7 Days a week.

Low Bed air bags and collapsible approach

Nothing is too Low for our truck, and 4x4s are ok also.


Nov 1st - May 1st

$240 per  Hour none commercial

May 2 nd - Oct 31st

$180. per Hour None commercial

Customer & Road Side Service Company Notification GOA Fees

GOA Fee Cancellation Fee

GOA Fee (Gone on Arrival) 

GOA Fee ( Guarantee on Arrival)

Nov 1st - May 1st Seasonal

Make sure you are in need of our services. Payment is needed prior to any services rendered. Between the months of Nov 1 and May 1st. We are in a highly dangerous zone. Once payment is accepted during these months no refunds will be given. We are sorry for any inconveniences, however once we are on call many issues such as bad cell phone service in the Mountainous area is out of our control. It's the customer or Roadside service company responsibility to confirm prior to contacting South Lake Tahoe Towing that services are needed.   

May 2 nd - Oct 31 st seasonal

Depending on weather conditions a portion of your Payment could be refunded and will need to be agreed in Text or E-mail prior to payment. Verbal is not accepted. If no written information is given it will be assumed full GOA is accepted. Depending on the distance of travel and time dedicated to job. A full GOA may be required for payment to be accepted by South Lake Tahoe Towing because of location time and distance traveled.  

This will be based on agreed written notice and hourly rate.

Public Service Notice GPS Loc.

When traveling, we recommend you learn how to screenshot your location on your phone while using GPS on your Map app. 

Step 1:                 Zoom out of area showing if possible 2 Major highways near your location or showing a nearby city. 

Step 2:                 Screen Shot a second picture showing the highway and road you may be off of.

Step 3:                If you are in a rural place screenshot in google earth mode showing streets and vegetation from the satellite mode. That will guide.


Extended Cab & 28' Trailer

Road side Lock out service

Locked your keys in the car? No Problem we have the Latest Techniques  to access your car or truck.

Broken Lug Nuts Video

We can help mitigate any situation.

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